Artist Statement

My art is informed by several disciplines and covers a

broad photo-stylistic landscape from interpretive

photography to abstract creations. Language, Music, and

Painting are all there, as well as my background in

Graphic Design. A bold use of color, form, and space

define the visual style.

The journey begins long before I approach a scene and

continues through the viewer and beyond. The resulting

images are a dynamic evolution, infused with the

element of creative surprise. It is my job as an artist to

work in a space that invites the unexpected,

sometimes letting go is an important part of

creating that space.

The images mature organically, inheriting a sense of

place, while escaping boundary through a perception of

life beyond the frame. I am also drawn to the passage of

time in a thematic sense, I like my images to include the

presence of knowledge that time imparts.

My best work will offer depth beyond its immediate

appeal, slowly revealing layers of nuance, much as a wine

does for the grape, telling a story, or leaving space for

the viewer to provide their own sensory experience. 


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Artist Statement