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Tribute to William

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Tribute to William

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Tribute to Sun Ra

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Tribute to Sun Ra

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Mixed Media

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Mixed Media - 2014

Working in Mixed Media has been a long time goal,

beginning with a need to find a  use for all the artifacts

(sometimes mistakenly referred to as 'junk') that I

collect, then as a wish to add dimension and further

purpose to my photographic work.

I followed through on these interests recently by taking

classes in Stained Glass and Mixed Media over the last

two years. Some of the results can be seen in this new


Some Project Details that might prove helpful. 

1. 'Heritage' presents my family heritage of tailors,

seamstresses, and haberdashery.

2. 'Tribute to William S. Burroughs' includes visual

references to Burroughs' life (writing, recording, guns)

and the film Naked Lunch. 

3. 'Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci' includes models of two

of his flying inventions and a three dimensional

representation of "The Last Supper'.

4. 'Tribute to Sun Ra' includes visual references to the

theme 'Space Is The Place', the planet Saturn (his

mythical place of origin), and electronic music. 

Sun Ra: Musician Composer, Herman Poole Blount, 1914 -


5. The Photo Print Transfer is a photo montage and

includes a photo representation of a painting by Joseph

Rodefer De Camp in the collection of the Worcester Art

Museum and used by the museum as a promotional

facade poster which I photographed. 

Joseph Rodefer De Camp , American, 1858–1923 

Painting: Sally, about 1907, oil on canvas


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