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Objects and Abstractions

Studies in Form and Light - 2014

Though firmly embedded in my 21st century digital

existence, I am in turn hardwired to an earlier time when

curious and determined minds defined an emerging

technology in their own image.

The experimental images of such artists as Man Ray and

László Moholy-Nagy, using early technology,

unconventional experimentation, fortuitous

circumstance, and a keen eye, melded imagination to

process flooding a young century and beyond with a

perceptively brilliant light. Through the application of

patient intuition or brute force, interpretive thresholds

continued to be breached by emerging artists in a

continuing redefinition of vision.

The tactile presence of such images, their unique

interpretation of reality and generous invitation to

serendipitous spontaneity, offers a sense of surprise and

excitement that may be as close as I can get to the

wondrous innocence of discovery brought dimly forward

from childhood !

I see these, and all my images, as conversations, each

bringing its own dialogue to the moment. This project is

a realization of visual awareness. It is a destination and a

beginning, and it is the bedrock of my continuous

photographic journey.


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