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MASS MoCA - 5-23-14

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art - North

Adams, Massachusetts

On a recent extended weekend, we traveled to the

northwest corner of the state to visit one of our favorite

locations, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary

Art. It is a uniqe venue providing one of the best ongoing

presentations of contemporary art anywhere !  One of

the things that makes the museum particularly special

are the facilities that house the art presentations. The

museum complex is a former manufacturing plant for

electronic components that has been preserved in much

of its original state.

The site was an active manufacturing area since the

colonial period due to its strategic location on the

Hoosic River.  Manufacturing increased in 1860 and by

1899 25 of the 26 complex buildings had been

constructed. Most recently the site housed the Sprague

Electric Company [1942-1985], a manufacturer of

electronic components. A more detailed history can be

found on their website.

The museum acquired the complex in 1986. Its long

history is palpable and ever present. As you tour the

museum, the juxtaposition of contemporary art against

this backdrop of the past is never lost on the visitors !

Rich textures reveal layers of the past, and the echos of

its former workers can almost be heard as you make your

way through the narrow corridors and vintage basement

to the same employee showers and restrooms. The

outside of the complex is used for exhibits as well,

making creative use of the environmental landscape and

building complex for a fully interactive experience.

One of my favorite subjects this visit was the 'Boiler

Room' which in its day helped supply heat to the factory

buildings and is now a fascinating maze of rusting metal

machinery and grated catwalks.

We usually try to make this beautiful, approximately 2

1/2 hour trip crossing the Berkshires, twice a year to

catch the changing exhibits and stay current with the

museum's many activities.

It is hard for me to remember as I review the photos in

this set, that I am looking at infrastructure and not

something designed as 'art'. I can't help but see it

differently !


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