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The American Sign Museum - Cincinnati, Ohio


On A sunny Sunday while in Cincinnati we took a side trip

to The American Sign Museum in the Camp Washington

neighborhood of the city. There we discovered a little

known treasure full of history, craftsmanship, and

nostalgia !

Located in an old clothing and parachute factory which

places its treasures in perfect context, the museum is a

very well executed artistic display of signage that clearly

tells the story of trade, commerce, and the history of

our country.

The museum has a full on site restoration facility and a

working Neon fabrication shop, offers informative tours,

and even hosts private events.  This is a museum that is

well worth the time and price of admission if you are in

the area !

With this presentation I try to give you a small sample of

my first visit to a place I hope to revisit at my earliest

opportunity.  As usual I have included a mix of

documentary and interpretive shots for visual variety.


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