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Sunday, June 10, 2013

Photo Walk

Everett, Stone, and Pacific  Mills, Canal Street,

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Delayed by rain the previous day, Sunday presented

perfect weather for walking and photographing the

Historic Mill District of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Accompanied by my wife Cathy, our photo walk was

hosted by Historic Mills Photography Workshops, the

enterprise of photographers Robert Lussier and Steven

Perlmutter. Bob and Steve shared their knowledge of the

area, guiding us to some of their favorite vantage points.

These outdoor locations presented new opportunities

and challenges, and the three hours seemed to fly by in

a whir of images and conversations with other group

members !  We look forward to our next visit to the mills

of Lawrence, there is much left undone !

As with my previous gallery, I have followed the first

group of images with a some more interpretive shots,

which may be my photographic metaphor for eating my

vegetables before gorging on dessert !

You can check out my other visits to these sites by

selecting the links at the top of this page for Historic

Mills - Galleries 1 and 3.


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