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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Photo Workshop

Everett and Stone Mills, Lawrence, Massachusetts

On a beautiful sunny Saturday in May, I attended a photo

workshop offered by Historic Mills Photography

Workshops in partnership with the Lawrence History

Center. Photographers Bob Lussier and Steven

Perlmutter directed the day long workshop, guiding us

through the historic Everett and Stone Mills for a unique

and rewarding photographic opportunity.

The day began with a short but detailed history of the

town of Lawrence and the historic mills, presented by

Susan Grabski of the Lawrence History Center, followed

by a photo session lasting several hours. The afternoon

included additional time to shoot, as well as instruction

in post processing tools Adobe Lightroom, and

Photomatix HDR software. The session also included Q&A

and helpful tips.

You can't help but get absorbed in the complete

experience of the mills, the history, the atmosphere,

the light, and the feeling that one day is not enough

time to take it all in. Still we all made the most of the

experience, and it was certainly one of my most

productive photo shoots to date. Bob and Steve ran a

well organized, but loosely structured workshop,

allowing for the individual objectives of each participant

to be met.

This was a thoroughly exhilarating and successful

experience that I would recommend to anyone who has

an interest in history, full engagement of the senses,

and of course - taking photographs.

I cannot wait to return and do it again !

The first half of this photo gallery offers a more literal

rendering of my onsite observations, while the second

half of the gallery gives in to a more spontaneous

approach, and to my irresistible interpretive urges.

You can check out my other visits to these sites by

selecting the links at the top of this page for Historic

Mills - Galleries 2 and 3.


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